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23 July Knowledge History - Science, Engineering and Management


23 Jul 1856 Bal Gangadhar Tilak  - Indian scholar, mathematician, philosopher. He fixed the origin and date of Rigvedic Aryans, which was highly acclaimed and universally accepted by orientalists of his time.

23 Jul 1886  Walter Schottky - Swiss-born German physicist - His research in solid-state physics led to development of a number of electronic devices. He discovered the Schottky effect, an irregularity in the emission of thermions in a vacuum tube and invented the screen-grid tetrode tube (1915).

23 Jul 1906 Vladimir Prelog - Yugoslavian-Swiss chemist - Shared the 1975 Nobel Prize for Chemistry with John W. Cornforth for his work on the stereochemistry of organic molecules and reactions. He developed systematic naming rules for molecules and their mirror-image version, “dextra” and  “levo” (right or left).

23 Jul 1906 Marston Bates - American zoologist and writer - Studied mosquitoes and tropical diseases for the Rockefeller Foundation with fieldwork in Albania, Egypt and Columbia.
His authored The Natural History of Mosquitoes (1949) and The Nature of Natural History (1950).

23 July 1946 - Jeffrey Pfeffer - Management

23 July 1952 Mark David Weiser - Developed the pioneering idea "ubiquitous computing" Computers will be every device like coffee pots etc. and they are connected to other devices through network.


1903 -The Ford Motor Company sold its first automobile, the Ford Model A.
Ford Model A 1903
Ford Motor Company - History



1956- Bell X-2 rocket plane sets world aircraft speed record of 3,050 kph.

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