Saturday, June 30, 2012

2 July Knowledge History - Science, Engineering and Management


2 July 1819 Thomas Anderson  Discovered Pyridine
2 July 1852 Sir William Bragg - Nobel Prize for Physics 1915 - Determination of Crystal Structure.
2 July 1906 Hans Albrecht Bethe  Nobel Prize for Physics

2 July 1850 US patent was granted for gas mask with name "respiring apparatus."

2 July 1900 First Zeppelin airplane made its first flight.
(A recent article on Zeppelin )

2 July 1940 Enrico Fermi got patent for producing radioactive substances
2 July 1940 First Pontoon concrete bridge was dedicated to the nation in USA.

2 July 1957 First vacuum  cast steel was made in USA
2 July 2001 Doctors implanted first mechanical self contained heart. The name of the device abicor

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Coca-Cola Advertisement Uploaded 12 January 2010
4.8 million views on 2 July 2012

IBM Research has demonstrated a new memory technology called phase-change memory (PCM) and it can store 100 times faster than flash memory and it will cost less.

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