Saturday, June 30, 2012

22 July Knowledge History - Science, Engineering and Management


22 Jul 1822 Gregor Johann Mendel - Austrian botanist and geneticist  -  pioneered the study of heredity.

Born 22 Jul 1887 Gustav Hertz - German quantum physicist - shared  the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1925 for the Franck-Hertz experiment. It confirmed the quantum theory that energy can be absorbed by an atom only in definite amounts and provided an important confirmation of the Bohr atomic model

22 July 1914 Edward Farber   devised a portable, battery-operated stroboscopic flash unit for still cameras (1937) that effectively “stopped action.”

22 July 1921 Richard Michael Cyert


1952, a U.S. patent for a "Self-Propelled Sprinkling Irrigating Apparatus" was issued to Frank L. Zybach of Strasburg, Colorado (No. 2,604,359).

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