Saturday, June 30, 2012

4 July Knowledge History - Science, Engineering and Management


4 July 1790 Sir George Everest Trigonometrical Survey of India - Mount Everest was named after him
4 July 1819 Edward Robinson Squibb  Improved purity and reliability of drugs.
4 July 1906 Vincent Joseph Schafer - Work leading to cloud seeding
4 July 1911 Frederick Seitz Wigner-Seitz of deriving solid-state wave functions.


4 July 1874 First steel arch bridge opened in USA.
4 July 1894 Successful test of first American made automobile - Hanes automobile
4 July 1920 Engineers at Dupont, accidentally discovered a substance capable of intense amount of pigment. The substance was responsible for Duco paint that revolutionised automoble painting.
4 July 1997 Mars pathfinder, reached Martian atmosphere

4 July 2012
CERN scientists disclosed that they have now evidence that Higg's boson exists.

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