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13 July Knowledge History - Science, Engineering and Management


13 Jul 1826  Stanislao Cannizzaro,   Italian chemist - He discovered the Cannizzaro reaction in 1853. Treatment of benzaldehyde with a concentrated alcoholic hydroxide produced equal amounts of benzyl alcohol and the salt of benzoic acid.

13 Jul 1879  Marie-Eugène-Léon Freyssinet - French civil engineer who successfully developed pre-stressed concrete.
Articles on Freyssinte

Eminent Concrete Technologist - Asian Concrete Construction Institute - June 2011

13 July 1944 Erno Rubik Inventor of Rubik's cube that became a popular toy.


In 1880, Stephen D. Field of New York City was issued a U.S. patent for "propelling railway cars by electromagnetism" (No. 229,991).
Interurban Railway Transport - Technology Development .

1781, A British patent was issued for the first compound steam engine to  Jonathan Carter Hornblower (No. 1298). His invention used two cylinders of unequal size attached to the same beam. Steam acts first in a small high-pressure cylinder, and then enters a larger cylinder at a lower pressure, but still sufficient to expand further. The idea was not further pursued as the increase in efficiency claimed was not achieved. But his compound steam engine principle was later revived in 1804 by Arthur Woolf using higher input steam pressure with better results.

1897 -, Guglielmo Marconi received  U.S. patent for a wireless telegraph (No. 586,193).
1937 -  Patent was issued to Leroy C. Lind for the Servi-Soft water softener (U.S. No. 2,087,157).

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Researchers at MIT announced making of fulvalene diruthenium, using carbon nanotubes and azobenzene. This chemical can store Sun's energy for longer periods of time.

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