Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Legal Issues Related to Performance Appraisal - Article Information

Book chapter contribution by Stanley B Malos, Ph.D.

Important issues covered in the chapter

Performance Appraisals and Employment at Will Implied Contracts and Public Policy.Performance Appraisals and the Existence of an Employment Relationship.
Practical Suggestions for Limiting Performance Appraisals’ Unwanted Effects on the Employment Relationship.
Employment Discrimination Theories and the Type of Employment Decision
Gender, Race, National Origin, and Reverse Discrimination Cases under Title VII, State Fair Employment Practices Laws, and the Equal Pay Act
Tort Liability Arising out of Performance Appraisals
Practical Suggestions for Limiting Discrimination and Related Legal Liability in the Context of Performance Appraisals.
Performance Appraisals and the Legal Defensibility of Employment Decisions
Procedural Recommendations for Legally Sound Performance Appraisals 

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