Friday, January 6, 2012

Manufacturing Management Education and Skill Development - The National and Global Scope

Manufacturing Management - Strategic and Tactical Dimensions

Manufacturing Management has strategic and tactical dimensions at Global, National, Federal Unit and Local Levels.


Planning involves selection of industries to promote and discourage at Global, National and lower regional levels.

At individual corporate and business levels, it involves selection of industries and products to produce and distribute.

Manpower Education and Training

Manpower education and training responsibility is on corporate bodies or sovereign bodies at all levels. Manufacturing manpower is to be educated and trained in technical skills, managerial skills and citizenship skills as well as social skills and living skills

Manufacturing Management - Line and Staff

Line Management as well as Staff Services in Manufacturing Management need to be planned.

Industrial engineering, Ergonomics, Safety Engineering and Management, Reliability Engineering and Management are some of the important staff services which are to be planned for as a part of manufacturing management education development.

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