Friday, January 6, 2012

Sutainable Value - The Concept and The Framework

Premium products or luxury products are provided to the top of the income and wealth pyramids of the country or globe. Value products are provided to the bottom of the income and wealth pyramids.
Sustainable value products are environmental friendly products made for the bottom of the pyramids. Corporate strategy most of the times aimed at top of the pyramid. C.K. Prahlad and Stuart Hart made a persuasive case for the existence of potentially profitable bottom of the pyramid.
Sustainable value concept states that there are opportunities to pioneer product innovation in combining environmental concerns with products targetted for value segments.
Stuart Hart provides a framework for  this opportunity exploitation and also provides consultance services in this venture.
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2007 Video

Creating Sustainable Value
Stuart Hart and Mark B. Milstein
Academy of Management Executive, May 2003


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