Saturday, December 24, 2011

CEOS and Successful Entrepreneurs Have to Coach Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Many steps of enterprise starting can be taught through formal courses. But success as an entrepreneur depends on a fairly unusual combination of personality traits and innovative skills, most of which can be honed on the job only (Richard Bronson). Hence most novice entrepreneurs need the kind of guidance that the successful CEOs and entrepreneurs provide in the role of mentors. There can be even knowledge, traits and skills particularly relevant to the current environment and these can be articulated better by the currently successful businessmen and the persons willing to start new ventures can benefit by being aware of them. Then only they can start attempts to know more about them and use available learning opportunities. Even persons who are in the business of coaching new entrepreneurs may come to know about new knowledge, traits and skills through the conversations with the successful business people.

Richard Bronson is right in stating that where existing successful business persons are willing to share their thoughts regarding successful business with the rest of the community especially with the segments most relevant, community success will be more prominent.

The thought by Richard Bronson

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