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Digital Economy Trends

Digital Economy Trends

Digital Economy Trends

Digital economy is evolving. Businesses are transforming.


Crowd Sourcing of Solutions to Classroom Problems
June 2010

Digital Economy rankings Economist Intelligence Unit for 2010
Sweden ranked at 1, USA at 3, UK at 14 and India at 58. China is slightly ahead at 56. But out of Bric countries, Brazil is ranked at 42.
A Summary of Blueprint to Digital Economy
by  Don Tapscott, Alex Lowy, and David Ticoll (Eds)

Digital Economy by Don Tapscott
McGraw Hill, 1996
Convergence between Content, Computing and Communications
15 year old kid - New Information Age Author and Publisher (Dintermediation - No editor)
Beyond Reengineering
Reengineering is doing existing things in new ways using IT.
Transformation is doing new things in new ways by coming out with digital technolgy possible goods and services.
Twelve Themes of New Economy
1. Knowledge
Goods and services are more knowledge intensive.
2. Digitization
3. Virtualization
This trend forecasts what is slowing becoming available today. A kinesthetic sense will be stimulated by ICT devices. Ex: vibration of mobile.
4. Molecurization
More small organizations and productive individuals emerge.
5. Integration/Internetworking
6. Disintermediation
7. Convergence
8. Innovation
Sony introduced 5000 new products in a year
9. Prosumption
Consumers participate in consumption
10. Immediacy
Idea to  implementation cycle times gets reduced.
11. Globalization
People collaborate across globe.
12. Discordance
The new technology and economic activity can bring up massive truama and conflict

Transformation of Businesses in Digital Economy


Customers are not going to wait for broadcaster to schedule the show and see. They will see the programs at their convenience. The content will be delivered very quickly over the net on demand to the customer. And customer will watch at his convenience. He will interact with the content and go to some other related content for some time and then come back and watch the original program.

Advertising Agencies:

The dominant model is the payment of 15% commission of advertisement price paid to media. This will change and advertising agency may paid a service fee for designing the advertisement and media planning, but even this model may change and advertising is paid a commission depending on the sales generated by their advertisements though digital ordering channels. The digital channel makes such measurements possible. This may even mean simultaneous employment of two or three advertising agencies.


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