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Mentoring - Introduction

BP chemicals explained mentoring by stating that mentoring creates a particular, personal relationship betweena mentor and mentee within a general framework of developing and managing newcomers into the company.
The mentor speeds up the process of integration into a new organisation or work role.

What is the difference between mentoring and supervising?

Managers can never step back from their responsibility for achieving results. Mentors have no direct responsibility for the output from the mentee. Their responsibility is the development of the mentee and his potential.
Mentees experss their problems more freely with mentors   and mentors encourage it so that they can offer suggestions to the mentee. Supervisors may not encourage problem telling, they want their subordinate to be a part of the solution rather than be part of the problem.

The First Meeting between a Mentor and Mentee

It is vital for mentor to make the first meeting a success. The mentee must be welcomed with genuine interest and pleasure. Mentor has to enquire and acquire the personal information from the mentee. Supply him his personal information to make the mentee feel like a close associate. The meeting needs to end on a note that time was well spent by both of them and an appointment for the next formal meeting and exigencies under which the mentee may meet the mentor may be decided.
Mentors help the mentees to make good use of organization resources.

Coaching and Counselling by Mentors

A coach observes in detail, the performance of a trainee on task. The coach identifies the weaknesses in performance, and comes up with suggestions on improvements. The coaches can demonstrate their suggestions as they are normally past practitioners. The make the trainee do the new procedure under their supervision and approve when the trainee is doing it the right way.
Counselling is a way of helping people to help themselves. Counsellors help people to see their present situation more clearly. They provide an opportunity to think more clearly into the difficulty. Counsellors also have to help the person understand his feelings. They make the  person come out with a plan to do something about it. They help them to revise the plan to make it more realistic for achieving the purpose.

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