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Depository Bank Services

Depository Bank Services

Depository Bank Services


Depositary Receipts Services at Deutsche Bank


As one of the world’s leading Depositary Banks, Deutsche Bank delivers a comprehensive service covering all aspects of administration, whether for American

or Global Depositary Receipts. The core services include:


- Custody of the issuer’s domestic shares in the local market

- Issuance of the Depositary Receipts

- Receipt of dividend payments from the company, conversion to the currency

of the Depositary Receipts (usually US$), and distribution to the investors

- Registrar services for the Depositary Receipts

- Transmission of shareholder information to the Depositary Receipt holders,

including proxy forms, annual reports and other corporate action materials

- Issuer reporting, providing information to the company on the activity of its

Depositary Receipt programme

- Cancellation of Depositary Receipts and release of the underlying shares to

the investor or his broker for sale in the company’s domestic market




Services – Additional  Features



Deutsche Bank offers  some more operational services. They offer to act as a vital intermediary between the issuing company and its investors in terms of process management and information flow, ensuring that the programme is properly established to minimise the administrative burden to the issuing company, comply with market regulations and ensure investors receive the most efficient service possible.


They  have a wealth of experience in establishing Depositary Receipt programmes, with specialists in London, New York and Hong Kong providing local knowledge and expertise across different time zones. A dedicated relationship management team offers clients a single point of contact for all programme-related issues. And, through their  proprietary Depositary Receipt website, they offer to deliver a range of information both to issuers and the wider market.


Broker sales desks in London, New York and Hong Kong deliver a highly professional service to brokers and investors globally, ensuring that the process of transferring between Depositary Receipts and domestic shares is efficient and timely. The bank’s same-day issuance capability ensures that shareholders receive the best, most cost-effective service in the market. Additionally, Deutsche Bank’s broker sales teams support the programme by providing specialist information to our extensive international database of relevant industry contacts.


One of the value-added services they  offer to  clients is investor relations guidance. They offer to  provide  issuers with regular shareholder analysis and market perception studies and  create a tailored investor relations programme which incorporates specific client requirements and targets the key investor and broker markets as appropriate.


In addition to the quality, experience and expertise of our staff, they promise to build in flexibility and innovation to the service. For those clients who prefer a multiple listing of their domestic shares rather than a DR programme, for instance, they provide Global Registered Share, a specialist product pioneered by Deutsche Bank, the first bank to have set up global share issues for its clients. And as the only Depositary Bank with a major European and US presence, they offer a unique combination of capabilities for companies wishing to arrange a dual listing of their DRs on the Neuer Markt and a US stock exchange.


Bank’s role as a Depositary Bank is wholly independent of the lead manager, investment bank or arranger of any Depositary Receipt programme.



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