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Private Equity Investors and Managers - International Players

Private Equity Investors and Managers - International Players

Private Equity Investors and Managers - International Players



Goldman Sachs Private Equity Group

Goldman Sachs Private Equity Group (PEG) is a leading investor in private equity funds, is a significant co-investor in direct investments, and is an active provider of liquidity and portfolio management solutions to existing private equity investors. PEG's comprehensive global private equity program seeks to construct a diversified private equity portfolio and considers each potential investment's strategy, geographic focus, competitive advantages, and return profiles, including how a particular opportunity may affect the portfolio's volatility and risk.

Based in New York, London, Tokyo, Hong Kong and San Francisco, the Private Equity Group consists of over 85 professionals. PEG casts a wide net in an effort to identify the best private equity fund managers in the world. PEG primarily makes commitments to private equity funds located in the United States, the United Kingdom, continental Europe, Latin America and Asia with strategies that include leveraged buyouts, growth financings, natural resources, venture capital and distressed securities.
PEG maintains an open-door policy with respect to potential investments, and welcomes information regarding prospective private equity fund offerings and secondary investment opportunities.

Private equity managers can contact the Private Equity Group at

Merrill Lynch global Private Equity (MLGPE)


The group’s objective is to generate long-term capital gains, with a primary focus on control-oriented investments in equity, equity-related and similar securities with equity-like returns. Investments typically range in size from $250 million to $750 million, with the flexibility to commit to larger or smaller investments.


A dedicated team of 70 investment professionals, located “on the ground” in seven countries around the world, is comprised of professionals with complementary backgrounds including private equity, mergers and acquisitions, leveraged finance and corporate restructuring. The team has benefited from substantial continuity, with a core team that has been successfully investing together since 1996.


MLGPE makes investments globally, with a primary emphasis on the world’s largest economies, including the United States, Europe, Japan, China, India, Latin America and Australia, taking a multi-sector approach to identifying attractive investment opportunities. Investment targets are high quality established companies that are recognized brands with industry or regional leadership, defensible market positions, strong cash flow characteristics, and seasoned management, combining comprehensive regional and industry-based in-depth analyses with global approval and management processes.

Global Contacts - MLGPE

 Nathan (Nate) C. Thorne
President/Group Head

 Mandakini (Mandy) Puri
Chief Investment Officer


Citi Private Equity ("CPE")


Citi Private Equity ("CPE") manages private equity fund commitments, non-control direct private equity investments and mezzanine debt investments on behalf of Citi's proprietary accounts and third party clients. CPE is a direct beneficiary of Citi's long history in private equity both as a direct investor and as a limited partner in third party funds dating back to the 1960s. Over time and through many market cycles, Citi has built a deep private equity network. Citi's unrivaled global presence with offices in over 100 countries and the vast resources of a diversified financial organization help create far-reaching insight on market conditions and emerging opportunities.


CPE's experienced investment professionals are based in New York and London and oversee more than 300 limited partnership investments in private equity and over 75 direct investments. With diverse backgrounds in areas such as capital markets, leveraged finance, financial sponsor coverage and mergers and acquisitions, the members of CPE's investment team are afforded a broad perspective on private equity. The programs created for our clients focus exclusively on identifying and investing with leading private equity firms across all geographies and investment styles and sizes that have demonstrated an ability to generate attractive returns in their areas of specialty, including leveraged buyouts, venture capital, mezzanine debt, distressed debt and direct equity co-investing.


CPE utilizes a distinct business model in which all investment professionals are active in both fund investing and direct equity co-investing alongside CPE's fund partners. CPE's direct equity co-investing and mezzanine orientation allows it to deepen relationships and investment perspectives and to conduct on-going due diligence of its portfolio managers. This "first-hand" view of each private equity fund is critical to re-investment decisions as a limited partner. In addition, Citi's investment relationships often provide a favored position in terms of access when oversubscribed private equity firms raise new funds.

Sales team contact:
Douglas M. Blagdon
Managing Director - Head of Citi Alternatives Distribution Group
388 Greenwich Street, 33rd Floor
New York, NY 10013
Phone: 212-816-0858
Email: Douglas M. Blagdon

Goldman Sachs
Merrill Lynch

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