Sunday, April 22, 2012

Hockey Stick Phenomenon

 Index of concepts
  1. Aa to Az
  2. Ba to Bz
  3. Ca to Cz
  4. Da to Dz  
  5. Ea to Ez
  6. Fa to Fz
  7. Ga to Gz
  8. Ha to Hz
  9. Ia to Iz

 Concept Definition and Explanation


This is a concept related to sales of new products. It will take sometime for the early adopters to use a new product and give their judgment on it. Any new product has to be first used by habitual early adopters who have an inclination to try new products. It is only when they give favorable comments that others who follow them will start buying the product. Hockey stick phenomenon reflects it. Initially for quite some period, say two to three quarters sales are very low and then they pick up with great speed.


Another context in which this concept is used is the effort put in by sales persons. They take it easy in the inital quarters and then put in a big effort in the last one or two quarters to achieve their targets. Such distribution of effort has the hockey stick phenomenon. At the end of the year, the salesperson is tired and hence once again the initial period of the new year there will be less effort by the salesperson.







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