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Sales Promotion - Creative Ways

Sales Promotion - Definition

Sales promotion consists of a diverse collection of incentive tools, mostly short term, designed to stimulate quicker and/or greater purchase of particular products/services by consumers or the trade.
Advertising offers a reason to buy. Sales promotion offers an incentive to buy. Sales promotion includes tools for consumer promotion (samples, coupons, cash refund offers, prices off, premiums, prizes, patronage rewards, free trials, warranties, tie-in promotions, cross-promotions, point-of-purchase displays and demonstrations);  trade promotion (prices off, advertising and display allowances and free goods); and business and sales force promotion (trade shows and conventions, contests for sales reps, and specialty advertising). 


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Garnier Fructis introduced Shampoo + Oil 2 in 1 product into the Indian market, Indian women believe in oil their hair. Hence this product innovation offers them the message "now you can oil your hair everytime you shampoo." 

Their sales promotion idea to give sample to some potential customer is to attach a 7.4 ml of satchet having the sample to their advertisement in the papers. I noticed the advertisement in the Times of India because of the satchet only. I am sure many persons will give a ring to their friends to tell them to pick the packet from the paper. Otherwise sometimes people won't even see the paper and throw the fresh paper directly into the dustbin. So some persons contact their friends to make them notice. It is a creative way of promoting the product as well as the advertisment. It will certainly make the early adopters try the product and appreciate. I do not know whether it was tried in more papers.

Film star selling tickets at the theatre
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Reference Post on Knol by Narayana Rao - 2091

Theory of Sales Promotion

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