Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Time Wasters or Time Traps

Time Wasters or Time Traps

Time Wasters or Time Traps

Activities and attitudes that waste your productive office time.


1. Telephone interruptions during serious work and your inability to ask the callers to contact after a specified time.


2. Visitors dropping in without appointment, disrupting the normal flow of work.


3. Inability to locate required papers.


4. Unscheduled meetings.


5. Fatigue and tired feeling. Not taking adequate rest and relaxation.


6. Devoting more than required time to routine tasks and neglecting more important strategic tasks.


7. Lack of objectives for a day.


8. Having tensions and unsolved problems.


9. Lack of delegation to subordinates


10. No management of appointments.


11. Doing a job without capability.


12. Not keeping a list of things to do in day.

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