Friday, April 20, 2012

Relationship Marketing Using Social Media and Web

People buy from people and companies they know, like and trust.
(Message of Social Media Personalities Mari Smith, Scott l Stratten and Chris Brogan0

So sales people who sell various products and services try to develop relationships with the customers. Customers have to know them, like them and trust them. They have to present information about them as well as present them in person so that customers know them better. They have to do things so that customer like them. Based on the information about them and the exchanges conducted, customers have to trust them to take care of their needs for the customers' advantage. Social media is facilitating this relationship marketing process by providing cost effective real time vehicle for interacting with potential customers.

Social media is truly about relationships. If you self promote your products all the time, you are converting it into an advertising platform and then people will desert you. Remember 80 - 20. 80% of the time give information that is required by your followers. Only 20% of the time you should give your product messages. But the 20% messages must result in the fulfillment of your social media marketing objectives. Yes, you need to think and develop strategy, tactics and messages to satisfy the needs and constraints of the social media.

Salespeople are rapidly embracing social networking technologies such as “social CRM” as a means of researching the interests of prospects and staying connected socially with existing customers between (or sometimes instead of) regular face-to-face meetings.

The Value  Concept and Relationship Marketing
Annika Ravald, Christian Grönroos, (1996) "The value concept and relationship marketing", European Journal of Marketing, Vol. 30 Iss: 2, pp.19 - 30

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