Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Steps for Achieving Success - DCBA

Achievement is a four step process

These steps are told by many persons and written about in many books. But DCBA (D to A or A to D reverse) is an interesting way to put it.


D: Dreaming

C: Conceiving

B: Believing

A: Achieving



D: Dreaming


Dreaming means desiring. You want to achieve it. You like the results which come from the achievement.


C: Conceiving


Conceiving means searching for ways to achieve it. The stage ends when you have some alternative plans and you selected one which you feel you can implement it.


B: Believing


When a person selects a plan, there is a lot of uncertainty in his mind about its outcome. As days are go on, if this uncertainty reduces, his belief in the plan goes up. His family members, relatives, and friends make a contribution at this stage. They provide the positive feedback to him about the high probability of success of his plan of action


A: Achievement


Achievement comes out of effort. Effort comes out of motivation. Motivation according to Vroom's model is a product of desirability of the result and probability of achieving the result. Hence Dreaming, conceiving and believing model is actually Vroom’s model put in day to day language.


The Key to the effort required for achievement is  DCB

Vroom’s VIE Model of Motivation
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