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Online Marketing: A Customer-Led Approach, Richard Gay

Online Marketing: A Customer-Led Approach, Richard Gay

Online Marketing: A Customer-Led Approach, Richard Gay

Book Information and Review


1. Principles and Drivers of the New Marketing Environment
2. Strategy and Models for the Virtual World
3. Online Marketing Planning Issues
4. Online Marketing Research - Principles and Practice
5. Online Buyer Behaviour
6. Positioning for Traffic and Profit. Search Engine Optimisation
7. Permission and Personalisation Online
8. Website Development - Design and Content
9. The Online Product
10. Pricing Issues on the Web
11. Online Communication Tools
12. Online Distributuion and Procurement
13. Online Marketing Legal Issues
Authors, editors, and contributors

Richard Gay, Newcastle Business School, Northumbria University,
Alan Charlesworth, Senior Lecturer in marketing and e-marketing at the University of Sunderland, and
Rita Esen, Law Consultant and Visiting Lecturer at Durham University.

Contributors:Mike Grehan, CEO Smart Interactive


Published: Oxford University Press



  • Structured by the authors' own 4P's online planning model of Positioning, Permission, Partnership and Performance, traditional marketing concepts such as the marketing mix and buyer behaviour are considered in an integrated fashion as online marketing evolves. By using familiar marketing theory, students' understanding is aided, as new concepts are grounded on existing knowledge.

Focuses in an engaging way on up-to-date and modern operational aspects such as blogging, covering them in detail from initial descriptions to their use as marketing tools.

Stresses that the customer should remain the central focus in online interactions and that beneficial, innovative experiences are vital for developing loyalty and sustainable competitive advantage.

Dedicates a whole chapter acknowledging the crucial role played by search engines in building site traffic and brand building by industry expert, Mike Grehen.

Includes a whole chapter on web site development. Taken from a marketing perspective, subjects addressed include the basic elements of effective web design, the place of usability in web site design and the importance of content and its management.

Legal issues, in the form of Legal Eagle boxes and self-regulation underpin the text, highlighting at every stage the legal constraints for online marketers. This ensures that students are fully equipped with the legal knowledge expected by firms operating 'across borders' in the online workplace.

Fully supported by an Online Resource Centre.

Online Marketing: A Customer Led Approach provides an excellent and stimulating balance between theory and practice by recognising the advantages and drawbacks of doing business online. The text is deeply embedded in traditional marketing concepts and examines their evolution as we understand more from online customer experiences. The authors believe that, despite the availability of new online tools, the customer should remain the central focus in all transactions and experiences.
Supported by contemporary mini-cases, case studies and expert opinion from leading practitioners, the text comprehensively covers:
· the changing online environment
· online planning and evolving business models
· application of ICT to achieve marketing objectives
· changing online elements of the marketing mix
· legal aspects impacting on online marketers

Online Marketing: A Customer-Led Approach thus provides a comprehensive account of the most up-to-date issues facing the developing world of internet marketing.

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Interesting points from the book

The telephone took four decades to reach 50 million people. The Internet has managed this

within four years as digital technologies provide such efficient channels for business and

consumer interactions transactions.

This is a good to be read by all knol authors to understand how to market their articles to the internet audience


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