Thursday, April 26, 2012

Multiple Intelligences - Knol Book - Online Book

Multiple Intelligences - Knol Book

Multiple Intelligences - Knol Book



Collected Knols


Knol Book and Multiple Intelligences??? Do You know what You are publishing???


Talking about a book and only publishing a collection of knols???

Talking about multiple intelligences and having no knowledge about itself about what it is, that is NO KNOWLEDGE at all, excuse me!!! You are going too far now, stop it, please...

Get first the knowledge about what multiple intelligences are before you are trying to publish about something what You are not knowing at ALL what it is!!!

Only collecting knols is not a book!!!

A Book is not only a COLLECTION of knols, sorry!!!

Showing up "short URL's" who are longer than the normal URL is that serious??? Get the knowledge about on how to do first, OK???

KNOL is a platform for sharing knowledge and not a platform for publishing whatever BSH, looks like You are only looking to get traffic to your account!!!

You are loosing the confidence and credibility of your own personality by publishing such... My opinion, probably other authors one as well, but do they have the courage to say it???

Get the appropriate knowledge about what Howard GARDNER is teaching for multiple intelligences before You even start to talk about it, this knol is a shame...

It shows only the will from somebody to drive traffic to his own account by having NO KNOWLEDGE AT ALL about it...

I was respecting You before this knol, but now not anymore, sorry...

It would be better to delete this knol ;-) Not good for your own reputation...

Have a nice day and best regards,

Gust MEES - 09 Feb 2011

Yes there is a knol on multiple intelligences.

Added the knol at the top. It takes time to search and add knols. When many authors are participating things will be more faster and easy. It will happen. Now we are seeing rush of authors to post. After sometime, there will be many authors who will participate in the developing collections as that will promote their knols also.

Narayana Rao - 09 Feb 2011

Thank you

Narayana Rao - 16 Jan 2011


I appreciate any knol who is showing up with content about multiple intelligences of course, but please, don't make a collection of knols and tell it a "Book", when it is only a collection of knols.

Or, at least put some text in your so called book to show the readers about what that "collection" is...

Most of the readers don't probably know what it is, so give them a guide please. Knol authors (You and me and others...) should provide more information.

Don't misunderstand this please...

Thanks to do so, it would be appreciated ;-)

Have a nice day and best regards,

Gust MEES - 15 Jan 2011

Mr. Gust

Your opinion is there for all to see and evaluate and form their own opinion.

You don't have to equate your opinion with others opinion.

I interact with more knol authors than you do and I know the opinion of large number of knol authors. You promote models you think are useful and I promote models which I think are useful. Yes my models do get visitors, also many knol authors appreciate it. Also readers appreciate it. I get feedback from readers in person also. So I am not going worry because of your comments.

Don't comment on others ignorance. Appreciate if you find them knowledgeable.


Narayana Rao - 15 Jan 2011

Short urls

Narayana Rao - 05 Jan 2011

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