Saturday, April 7, 2012

Guerilla Marketing Attack to Capture Market Territory

Guerilla marketing attacks are small intermittent attacks on a big national or regional opponent's different territories. The aim is to harass the opponent in multiple small places and capture some small territories. These captured territories provide the footholds for further expansion. Guerilla attacks are surprise attacks on the market with products or services and making a substantial sale. Naturally the big player will retaliate, but the nimble guerilla will retreat with small losses or gains compared to a big loss or expense suffered by the big player to defend his market position in the area. Guerilla marketer is basically looking for weak spots in the big regional or national territory of the big player and keeps on attacking small areas.

In a BBA thesis, it was pointed out that guerilla marketing was practiced in USA in 1960's by some companies. But in 1983, Jay Conrad Levinson coined the term "Guerilla Marketing" and advocate it as a strategy of small business firms. The BBA thesis described Bionade as a firm that used guerilla marketing successfully. The thesis tried to summarise the position of Levinson,  Ries and Trout, and Kotler on the role of guerilla marketing. The thesis also focused on advertisement that act as guerilla marketing vehicles.

Today I created a new blog and made a SciEngFi news item.

IBM Professor Einstein - New Line of Educational Computers from IBM

How to do guerilla marketing for it and get some good number of page views? It is the question which is occupying my attention. Converting an information item into an actionable set of steps demands thinking and luck.

Jay Conrad Levinson -

What is Guerilla Marketing

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Guerilla Marketing Examples 2008
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