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India - Stock Market News

Date : 23/03/10
RBI hiked Repo and Reverse Repo Rate by 25 bps. Stock market reacted to it and nifty closed at 5205(down by 58 points).
Predictions: As March ending is approaches market may not breach 5150 levels as companies may buy mid and small cap stocks. In April one more round of rate hike is expected. Market may take downturn in April and may touch 5000 levels in Nifty.
-Badal Shah
Current Stock Market
Closing Index Levels 16th March 2010
Sensex  17383.18 (+1.27%)
Nifty        5,198.10 (+1.4%0
Closing index levels  5.12.2008 
Indices       Level         Change in point                                                                                                  
SENSEX     8,965.20      -264.55 
MIDCAP     2,892.95       -29.85 
SMLCAP    3,323.54       -8.26 
BSE-500     3,278.82       -74.86
Stock Market - General Information
Economy - General Information
Arvind Panagariya(2002): Exports or goods and services grew at an annual rate of 10.7 per cent durng the 1990s compared with 7.4 per cent during the 1980s.
Imports grew at 9.7 per cent during the 1990s but only 5.9 per cent during the 1980s.
The ratio of exports jumped from 7.3 per cent to 14 per cent between 1990 and 2000. The ratio of imports jumped from 9.9 per cent to 16.6 per cent.
Arvind Panaragiya (2002), "Why We Lag Behind China", The Economic Times, 22 May 2002
Original knol - 568

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