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Automobile Sector - India

India auto sales grew a record 30% in 2010/2011 to 1.98 million units.
But sales in the first four months of 2011 sluggish due to rise in interest rates.

Aviation Sector - India

The domestic air traffic is expected to grow at an average of 12.2% in the next 10 years.

Scheduled domestic carriers are currently operating a fleet of 350 aircraft. Both Boeing and Airbus expect that 1,000 commercial airplanes will be acquired by Indian companies in the next 20 years. Airbus has forecasted that India will require 1,032 aircraft valued at $138 billion during the next 20 years. 993 planes will be for passenger travel and remaining would be cargo planes.
(Source: Economic Times, 5th March 2010, p.11)

Automobile Sector - India

Autosector will grow by 10 to 12% in India in 2010
According to Fitch Rating Report
Domestic passenger vehicle sales increased 23% to 1,367,986 units in the nine months to December 2009.
The country may add 2-2.5 million units in manufacturing capacity in the next four years.
Volkswagen India Pvt. Ltd, which inaugurated its plant in Pune last March (2009), has a capacity of 110,000 units, though it produced only 3,300 units last year. Others, such as Ford Motor Co.’s India unit, are utilizing about one-third of their installed capacity.
Autosector wishlist for 2010 Budget
A Presentation by ACMA

US Auto Sales

In 2008, weakest forecast for auto sales is 14.5 million. That is 9.4% decline from an estimate sales of nearly 16 million in 2007. (Economic Times, 20 November, 2007

Power/Energy Sector

The energy requirements of the country are expected to grow at over 6.4% per annum over the medium-t-long term. (KPMG report titled 'India Energy Outlook 2007' (Economic Times, 17th May 2007, p. 18)
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