Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Innovations and Businesses Using Blogs and Blogging

Today, a blog can be explained as an easy to set up website. A blog is a website. It can be set up very easily because on any free blogging publishing platform, you register for the blog with your mail id and then type some content. Your blog post is ready and your blog is ready for public viewing. You have to select a name for your blog and a url. From then onward you don't have to create further urls for your pages. They will get generated automatically and an index of the articles is generated month-wise and keyword-wise.

Blog is also a development in Web 2.0 platform. Web 2.0 platforms allow the participation of the crowd in website content development. Blogs have commenting feature. Also blogs allow limited collaborative writing.

Blogs have led to the development of blogging platforms, which permitted large number of people to open blogs on a platform. Presently Blogger of Google, Wordpress.org, and Tumblr are the three top blogging platforms for free creating free blogs.

 Large number of people are writing popular blogs having good traffic and revenue. Alexa gives ranks to websites and blogs and we can confidently say the top one million Alexa websites and blogs are making money giving rise to part-time and full time bloggers. There are websites and blogs catering to the needs of other bloggers by giving them technical, promotional, monetizing and content related information. There are coaching programs for bloggers. Even universities are now offering courses on blogging as a part of media studies. There are number of books on blogging.

Some  blogs became very popular and are equivalent to print media in popularity. Huffington post, Mashable and Techcrunch are the popular ones. Newspapers are not offering blogging facilities to their journalists and als readers. Universities are offering blogging facilities to their faculty and staff. Corporates are offering blogging facilities to their employees and customers.

Through blogs people are offering information and knowledge on variety of things in a variety of forms( A to Z using Blogs and Blogging).

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  1. Having a blog is very important for nearly any kind of business. You need to have a
    Web Presence and a blog is probably the cheapest advertising a business can have, yet so many over look this opportunity. I even suggest that charities have a blog, get a volunteer to maintain it and again it should be considered as advertising and not dismissed.
    I thought it would be much harder than it was, and I while I do not have a business, my wife maintains a blog for our hobby farm and it is not as hard as we thought it would be. Great blog, thanks for your info.