Thursday, April 12, 2012

Leadership - Self Development and Training

Do you want to be leader?

If you are pursuing an MBA, it is implicit that you want to be leader.

What is leadership and what is the role of leader?

Leadership is the ability or potential to influence the behavior of some persons termed as followers. When a leader says some thing, instructs something, there is a very high probability of large number of followers implementing it. This quick implementation is the result of the experience of followers over a period of time in implementing the decisions of the leader. If the decisions or instructions of the leader are beneficial to the followers in a cumulative way, followers as a policy listen to the leader without subjecting the instruction to a large amount of scrutiny.

So what is required to become a leader?

Ability to create benefit for other people. Ability to spot opportunities and take decisions that create benefit for other people. What about benefit for the leader? It is implied. A leader has to be resourceful. In the first instance he can create a benefit for a single followers only through his resources. His own resources have to keep increasing for creating benefit for more followers. But a leader's resource gathering effort has to go along with creating benefits for the followers.

Remember Leadership Can Create Stress.

Be prepared to withstand the stress that followers create for you.

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Leadership requires resources. So you need resource gathering ability.

Leadership requires willingness to give benefits to followers.

Leadership requires you to find and understand what followers want.

Leadership requires you to undertake activities that provide the desired benefits to followers.

Leadership requires you to bear the stresses created by behavior of followers.

Leadership requires you to grow as a capable person.

Leadership requires you to develop your followers as capable persons.

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