Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Monopoly in a Product or Service Market

Monopolist come from the Greek words mono for 'one' and polist for 'seller'. Hence monopolist is a single seller of a particular product in a market. Monopoly is a market situation in which there is only one seller.
marginal revenue is the increment in total revenue that comes when output increases by one unit.
The maximum-profit comes to a monopolist at a quantity level where its marginal revenue is equal to its marginal cost.
Where as in perfect competition, the rational decision for a producer is MC = P. P does not change with quantity a single producer is offering in a perfect competition.
In a monopoly only one seller is in the market. Hence as he offers to sell more, marginal revenue comes down as price come down with increase in selling quantity.





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Original Knol - http://knol.google.com/k/narayana-rao/monopoly-in-a-product-or-service-market/2utb2lsm2k7a/ 231

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