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Business and Company Knol Pages - Possibility and Utility

Knol, an article publishing platform of Google is now closed. Not available for public access from 1 May 2012

Facebook Pages for Fans - Knol Pages for Knowledge Transfer

Win and Keep customers by sharing knowledge

Many business firms and companies have Facebook pages. Can they have Knol pages? Is there a special benefit?
Yes. Business firms and companies can have knol pages. There are some special benefits for posting knowledge articles on Knol article publishing platform.

From Knol Content Policy

COMMERCIAL ACTIVITY:  You may use Knol to create articles for your business or to promote your lawful products or services that are not otherwise prohibited by our Content Policy or Terms of Service, unless you are in Cuba, Iran, Burma (Myanmar), North Korea, Syria, or Sudan.  There are some commercial uses we don’t allow.  We don’t allow pages that have the primary purpose of redirecting visitors, acting as a bridge page, or driving traffic to another website.  We also don’t allow Knol pages that have the primary purpose of profiting from displaying ads from any publisher network, such as pages created with little or no unique content that exist only to display ads.
Knol as a platform focuses on knowledge articles. The articles inform and educate the readers on issues of interest to the readers. Companies can transfer product knowledge, operating instructions for their products and maintenance information of their products by posting them on Knol as knowledge articles. Such posts will be legitimate content as per the content policy of the Knol. Even companies can publish their balance sheet information on Knol. It is essential information for investors, investment analysts and students, It is useful information. Knol in due course can be come synonymous with knowledge and people may directly visit Knol for any knowledge query. Companies will benefit from their presence on Knol in that scenario. Also, there is and  will be a community of authors on Knol who access Knol frequently. They will become  aware of your company's products and they are likely to write articles on those products and thus provide extra publicity. It will also be easier for companies to interact with popular authors on the platform in the capacity of a fellow author on the platform. As many online authors are active social media participants, there is viral effect.

What are the extra benefits of publishing on Knol?

We have our website already.
On the online space also, one website may not be sufficient to attract all visitors. Article platforms have different formats of presentations. So, some visitors may like this presentation format and prefer to visit articles on this platform. All different presentation formats provide you with special ability to highlight certain content in a special way.
The special benefit of a wiki based platform which is knol is that a company can give authority to maintain various articles to various persons working for those products. So, the person working directly on the product can modify the content as quickly as possible as an empowered person to update the content. Also, the audience may not expect highly designed presentation quality on article publishing platforms whereas they expect it on company website. Hence company web sites have greater controls and less flexibility. Company Knol pages can have greater flexibility as operating personnel are authorized to add content and web page designers are not involved on it. Such an information can be conveyed to the readers and readers certainly understand the benefit of getting knowledge from the trenches and the trade off involved. 

Are some organizations using Business Knol Pages?



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