Monday, April 2, 2012

Creative Problem Solving and Knowledge

Human creative problem solving is explained or modeled as four-stage process by Wallas (1926). In the first stage, labeled as preparation the problem is attacked by regular problem solving approach using the implicit and explicit knowledge. Implicit knowledge is knowledge about which the person is not aware of. Explicit knowledge is knowledge about which a person is aware of. Creative problem solving begins when regular problem solving is unable to solve the problem at hand.

This takes the problem into second stage termed as incubation. At the end of this stage, an idea to solve the problem emerges in the person. Basically, the problem solver takes a break from problem solving effort during incubation stage.

The third stage is termed insight or  illumination. During this stage, the details of the idea are developed.  The true quality of the solution is assessed during the fourth stage verification.


2. Cognitive approach to problem solving, presentation

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