Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Creativity - Innovation - Information Board

Harvard Business Review Special Collection - Knockdown Barriers to Innovation

The Things Customers Can Do Better Than You  by Bill Lee in HBR Blogs on 5.4.2012


Creativity and Innovation - Knol Book


Wanted Idea Fusers 

Bronwyn Fryer in HBR Blogs - February 2012
Creativity is connecting two unlike ideas and creating a beautiful third. The ability to associate unlike ideas is fundamental to innovation.

The author laments about of creativity. But ends on a positive note. There are some wonderful companies and persons engaging in fusion and creating beautiful thirds.

Happy to read this article, as I have connected things and created at least three important ideas.

1. What is industrial engineering?
IE is human effort engineering and system efficiency engineering

2. Applying Markowitz's portfolio analysis.
The target price estimates used for determining the expected returns required for Markowitz model.

3. Graham - Rao Method.
Used PEG ratio to come out with P/E ratio for various companies that satisfy Graham's quality criteria.

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