Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Optimization Research

Organizations have to optimize their processes. Mathematical Optimization selects the best combination out of the known alternatives. Research needs to be conducted to understand the results expected from more alternatives and this research needs to be termed as optimization research.

Related Websites

The Web page is titled as Research for Optimization.

Assembly Line Optimization Research
Web site is a  general platform for research on assembly line design, line balancing, mixed-model sequencing and other problems in the context of planning, optimizing and controlling assembly production systems. Researchers and practioners in the field shall be able to find topic related material (publications, methods, data sets, software).

Message Optimization Research

we recommend qualitative research or internal  brainstorming sessions around marketing objectives and priorities to significantly narrow down the number of messages for quantitative testing/optimization research. This first step plays a significant role in cutting through the clutter and paves the way for effective message optimization research.

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