Thursday, April 12, 2012

Knol - An Abandoned Google Project - Reasons for Failure - Top Knol Author's Opinion

Knol executives have not interacted with authors appropriately and adequately. There is no author relationship manager dealing with individual authors as well as interactions among authors. There was lot of conflict among authors, may be there were trolls, but there was no attempt from the Knol executives to come out and comment and guide on these arguments of conflict.

There was no stock taking of the performance of the platform taking into confidence the authors, the suppliers of content. If there was shortfall of content, it could have been communicated to the authors. At least some limited number of authors showing enthusiasm to promote the platform could have been identified and they should have been guided to act as responsible and discreet promoters of the platform. There was no visible effort.

No success was celebrated on Knol. Even the statement that 100,000 knols were posted was not shared with knol author community. Actually I feel, even on Blogger, there is no culture of celebrating successes of bloggers. Google believes more in announcing its improvement of technical features. But it does not give importance to the successes of participating authors.

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