Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Usability of Gadgets - Many are not Buying and Using Gadgets Due to Usability Problems

Many electronic gadgets are coming with touch screens and various buttons. Even the mobiles have many buttons. Many find it difficult to remember the functions of various buttons and use the gadgets. Hence they do not use the gadgets. Can a more universal system be designed so that people will not have difficulty.

Passwords are another problem. There are so many websites that want one to register, create a user name and password. How one is going to remember all those user names and passwords. One thing good is that now many are using facebook, twitter and gmail ids and passwords as access facilitators for their websites. This is to an extent solved the problem.

Usability of websites is an issue under examination, Jacob Nielsen is a guru in this field. The site maintained by Nielsen ( has a wealth of information on the topic.

Online Marketing: A Customer Led Approach, Richard Gay et al. Pp.282-83.

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