Monday, April 16, 2012

Nokia Comes Up From Behind in India in Multi-Sim Card Mobile Phone Category

Nokia had a market share of 70%+ in India in 2005. It has slipped to 31% in 2011. So naturally, there is gloom in Nokia's ranks. But there is a success achieved by Nokia recently that is giving fresh hope and confidence to Nokia management that they can improve things now.

The success story was scripted in the case of dual sim card phones. It became a successful category in India and Nokia had no product in this category for more than two and half years. Nokia introduced it in June 2011 only and emerged as the category leader by October 2011 with a share of 21.9%. This success is helping Nokia in other categories also in India. Also, even global mood is improving due to this marketing and new product introduction success. As we all know, presently, Nokia is going through a troublesome period globally.

How Nokia Emerges as a Market Leader in Crowded Dual SIM Market?
Economic Times Brand Equity Article - 11 April 2012

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