Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Rural Marketing in India - Status, Opportunity and Challenges


In some manufactured products like toilet soaps, washing powders, and cigarettes penetration of the products in households is the same in rural and urban areas in India.  In many other more valuable items the penetration is low in rural areas as compared to urban areas. But rural incomes are raising the there are predictions that rural consumption is likely to increase significantly in the the next decade, by 2025 and in twenty years. Hence marketing experts are creating rural marketing infrastructure to do market research, communicate with the rural people, for distributing the goods in cost effetive manners and to create rural retail outlets that sell and service the products.

In recent years, mobile phones became a sophisticated and relatively high-price manufactured item that has big demand in rural areas. Therefore mobile companies had ventured into rural areas and made successful rural marketing campaigns giving direction to other product companies in cost effective rural marketing.

Bibliography to Understand the Rural Marketing Scene in India

Exploring Indian Rural Market - The Way Ahead - 2011 Conference Paper

4P in Rural Marketing - India - Presentation at XIMB India

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