Friday, April 13, 2012

Marketing Activities Using Social Media

Social media has marketing applications. Marketers can understand the desires of the customers through social media. Digital social media made conversations among present customers and future potential users accessible to marketers. Where earlier, marketers have to make special efforts to the find out the opinion of the users and potential users, digital media provided them with hard transcripts. The conversation may be happening on its own. Marketers have to make efforts only collect the relevant content from the mass of the content generated on platforms like Orkut, Facebook, Google+, Twitter etc.

Social media also provided a new communication channel through which marketers can communicate information relating to their product offerings.

Social Media Marketing - Online Book of reading and articles

Social Media Marketing - Industry Report

Social Media Marketing Industry Report 2012

Benefit of Social Media
1. Increasing exposure to the company, product and brand
2. More traffic
3. Customer insights

Most popular social media - Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Blogs, YouTube (No surprise)
Google+ is listed at 6.

30% outsource social media marketing.
10 important questions for which marketers want answered are in the report.

People spending up to 6 hours on Social media per week saw increase in Search Engine Ranking

A white Paper from Microsoft Advertising - 2010
(interesting paper that includes definition of explanation of Social Media)

Social Media Examiner is an online Social Media Marketing Magazine

Questions that Marketers are asking to know the answers

1. How to measure of effect of social media marketing on business?
2. How to find target audience in social media?
3. What are the best ways to engage audience in social media?
4. How to sell in social media?
5. How to spend time in social media for best results?
6. What is best social media strategy for a business? How to arrive at it?
7. What tactics are working in Social Media? Who are the best practioners? How much they are spending in what ways? How often the social media interaction needs to be done?
8. What are the tools that can be used to automate social media activity?
9. What are the different social media platforms? Their strengths, weaknesses and appropriateness for various businesses?
10. How to select the portfolio of social media platforms?

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