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Sociological Approach to Motivation - Sociological Theory of Motivation


 I came across the the sociological approach to motivation in the book "The Economic Theory of Managerial Capitalism" in the chapter "Motives and Morals". As I located this book in my collection of books, I wanted to go through immediately, in connection with my Capitalist Morality versus Socialist Morality. The chapter with the title "Motives and Morals" is enticing in this context.
In the books on Organizational Behavior, there is no special mention of sociological approach to motivation.

What is Sociological Approach to Motivation?

Robin Morris said that the sociological approach modifies the psychological drives (main concept in motivation theories) by systematic reference to the effects of social situation and interaction with other individuals at work and play. Therefore to apply sociological approach, a man's place in social structure is to be recognized.
In the case of managers of corporations, with which Robin Morris was concerned in his book "The Economic Theory of Managerial Capitalism"  this meant that business man's social role, his place in the social structure is to be decided. This would further mean that his class and norms to which he is subject are to be determined.
Regarding the class and norms, Morris came out with various alternatives.
Is he professional man like a doctor or teacher?
Is he a possessor of distinct professional ethic based on the concept of duty to society?
Is he governed mainly by unconscious prejudice?
Is he a helpless prisoner of William Whyte's conformist organisational ethic?
Is he a member of the corporate rich - small group of rich families?
The questions are interesting about a corporate Chief Executive.

Conceptual Papers

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