Wednesday, March 28, 2012

CSR Stage of Damage and Punishment to CSR Shirker Corporates

The Rise of Caring Corporation and Destruction of Environment Damaging Corporation

David Jones in his book. "Who Cares Wins" argued that this decade in evolution of CSR is the age of damage. CSR activists use social media to highlight the CSR shirking posture and activities of business concerns, and there are enough social media mega-shares to take the message to internet masses and digital native masses and inflict serious damage to the businesses. Do corporates realize this? Examples of Censure of Companies for CSR Shirking.

Bank of America's 2010 Shirking Responsibility Report

Why Ninetendo? May 2010


Corporate Social Responsibility Audit is important in this respect. Shareholders have to demand social responsible audit, Board of Directors have to take steps to arrange for conduct of social responsibility audit. Suplliers, employees and banks and other financial institutions have to demand social responsibility so that companies do not shirk the CSR and thus make the company die.

What is a Corporate Social Responsibility Audit? January  2012

Corporate Social Responsibility Audit: From Theory to Practice  2004

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