Sunday, March 18, 2012

Multiple Intelligences

 Index of concepts
  1. Aa to Az
  2. Ba to Bz
  3. Ca to Cz
  4. Da to Dz  
  5. Ea to Ez
  6. Fa to Fz
  7. Ga to Gz
  8. Ha to Hz
  9. Ia to Iz

 Concept Definition and Explanation


Howard Gardner proposed that there are multiple intelligences in human beings instead a single intelligence.

In a book published in 1983, he proposed the following seven intelligences.

1. Logical/mathematical
2. Verbal/linguistic
3. Interpersonal
4. Intrapersonal
5. Visual/spatial
6. Musical
7. Bodily/kinesthetic


Later he proposed some more intelligences

8. Naturalist
9. Existential
10. Spiritual





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Howard Gardner, Frames of Mind: the Theory of Multiple Intelligences, 1983

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