Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Time Management for Sales Representative

Best sales representatives manage their time effectively. Best sales companies also help their representatives to manage their time.

Companies use annual call schedules an a planning tool for the year. This will indicate the customers to be called during the year and activities to be carried out.

Bell Telephone companies used three primary activities to plan calls of sales people. The first set of activity is related to market development. In this activity, efforts to educate customers, meeting new  prospects and increasing visibility among buyers are included. The second activity is sales generating calls with focus on selling specific products. The third is termed market protection activities and it is aimed at understanding what competition is doing. Thus a balance is planned among the three activities on an annual basis and care is taken to see that emphasis on  high current sales do not lead weak market position.

Time and duty analysis is another tool applied to analyse the time spent by sales representative on a day-to-day basis.

The following are usually part of a rep's sales daily call schedule.

Food and breaks
Waiting in the customer's office
Interacting with the customer
Administrative reporting

The general norm is that 25% of the day's time is spent in customer interaction. Companies are trying to increase the sales rep's productivity and improve the time spent with customers.

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