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Handbook of Management Knowledge Revision

This project was given one more format

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MBA - Management Knowledge Revision Guidebook

I am writing knols to weave them into a Handbook of Management Knowledge Revision. The project is taking time. Therefore I started a more basic version.
The recent knols in the area of management are: 
The subjects included in this endeavor will be predominantly based on subjects in  the curriculums of top business schools. 
Links given are to the subject directories of knols being created by me.
Communication Skills
Ludlow R. and Panton Fergus, The Essence of Effective Communication, Prentice Hall, 1996
Mandel Steve, Effective Presentation Skills, Kogan Page, London, 1987
Business Statistics
Levin R.I., Rubin D.S., Statistics for Management, 6th Edition, Prentice Hall, 1994
Marketing Management – I
Kotler, Philip, Marketing Management, 13th Edition, Prentice Hall,  2003

Marketing Management Article Directory – KVSS Narayana Rao
Business Economics
Mark Cook and Corri Farquharson, Business Economics, Pitman Publishing, 1998
Financial & Cost Accounting
Principles Of Organization & Management
Koontz: Management, McGraw Hill, 1984
Hall, RH, Organization Structure & Processes, 1977
Introduction to Industrial Engineering
Introduction to Industrial Engineering - Course at NITIE 
Production & Operations Management
Russell, R.S., and Taylor III, B.W.,  Operations management: Multi Media Version, Prentice Hall, 2000
Data Communication
Gilbert Held, Understanding Data Communications, New Riders Publishing, 1999
Software Engineering
Pressman R.S., Software Engineering, A Practioner’s Approach, 3rd Ed., McGraw Hill, 1992
Quality Management
Evans J R and Lindsay WM., The Management and Control of Quality, 5th Edition, South Western Thomson, 2002
Organizational Behavior
Luthans, Fred, Organizational Behavior, 9th Ed., McGraw Hill, 2002

Organizational Behavior Revision Article Directory
Industrial And Economic Environment
Samuelson, Economics, McGraw Hill, 2002

Economics Revision Article Series - Directory
Alfred Marshall - Principles of Economics -Knol Directory
Financial Management

Brealy and Myers, Corporate Finance, Fifth Edition, Prentice Hall, 2001

Procurement And Materials Management
Burt D.N., Dobbler D.W., and Stephen L. Starling, World Class Supply Management,  McGraw Hill, 2003
Operations Research
Taha, H.A., Operations Research: An Introduction, Prentice Hall, 2002
Effy Oz, Management Information Systems,  3rd Ed,, Thomson Learning, 2002
Logistics Management
Ballou R.H., Basic Business Logistics, Prentice Hall, 1998
Human Resource Management
Dessler, G., Human Resource Management, Prentice Hall, 1997
Marketing Management-II
Reeder, Brietry & Reeder, Industrial Marketing, 2nd Ed., Prentice Hall, 1997

Marketing Management Article Directory – KVSS Narayana Rao
Manufacturing & Enterprise Resource Planning
Sheikh K., Manufacturing Resource Planning, McGraw Hill, 2001
Environmental Management
Cattanach, R.E., Handbook of Environmentally Conscious Manufacturing, Irwin, 1995
Sarkis, J., Green Manufacturing, Greenleaf Publishers,  2001
Supply Chain Management
Sunil Chopra and Peter Menidil, Supply Chain Management,  Prentice Hall, 2001
Supply Chain Management - Revision Articles
Supply Chain Management: Chopra and Meindl - Book Information and Review
Project Management
Harold Kerzner, Project Management, 7th Edition, 2001
Management Accounting And Control
Horngren, Sundaram and Stratton, Introduction to   Management Accounting, Pearson Education, 2002
Robert S Kaplan and Anthony, Advanced Management Accounting, Second Edition, Prentice Hall, 2002

Directory - Management Accounting- Control-Decision Making Articles - Knols
Industrial Relations
Leadership Development
Yukle Gary: Leadership in Organization, 4th Ed., Pearson, Singapore, 2002
Global Economic Perspectives
Carbaugh, International Economics, Thomson, 2002
Business And Commercial Laws

Business And Managerial Ethics
Petrick J.A., and Quinn Q.Y., Management Ethics, Response Books, UK, 1997
Business Ethis by Manuel G. Velasquez - Book Information and Review
Strategic Management
Thompson Strickland, Crafting and Implementing Stategy, McGraw Hill, 1998
1. Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management
Frank Reilly and Keith C Brown, Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management, 8th Edition,  Thomson

Security Analysis Article Series – Directory
2. Mergers and Acquisitions
Weston J F et al, Takeovers, Restructuring and Corporate Governance, Fourth Edition, Pearson Education, 2004
3. Investment Banking 
Investment Banking Article Directory - KVSSNRao
4. International Finance

Levi DM, International Financial Management, Prentice Hall, 1999
5.Financial Engineering
Marshall JF and Bansal VK, Financial Engineering: A Complete Guide to Financial Innovation, Prentice Hall,  1996
Eales BA, Financial Engineering, MacMillan, 2000

Derivative Securities - Directory of Knols
6. Business Analysis and Econometric Applications
Oster, S.M., Competitive Analysis, OUP, 1999
Ramanathan, R., Introductory Econometrics with Applications, Thomson, 2002
Bodily SE., Quantitative Business Analysis: Text and Cases, Irwin McGraw Hill, 1998
7. Estimation Theory and Forecasting
Hoel PG, Port S.C., and Stone C.J., Introduction to Stochastic Processes, UBS, 1994
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