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Selected Knols in Business Management in the order of popularity

Popularity - Page Views Above 10,000

Marketing Management, 13th edition, Philip Kotler, Book Information and Review
Marketing Strategy - Differentiating and Positioning the Market Offering
Principles of Management – Koontz and O’Donnell
Car Dealer Search Engine Reputation Management
Implementing total quality management: the role of human resource management.

Popularity - Page Views Above 7000

Introduction to Basis Instruments Contracts (BICs) for Mathematics, Finance, and Economics
Organizational Buying Processes and Buying Behavior
Human Resource Management - Introduction - A Revision Article
Marketing Communication: Channels and Promotion Tools

Popularity - Page Views Above 5000
Project Management - Ten Golden Rules of Successful Projects
Recruitment and selection process
Theory Z - Type Z Organizations
Process Safety Management (PSM)
The Financial Value of Talent Management

Popularity - Page Views Above 4000

Human resource management
Enterprise Risk Management, COSO and Banks
Top 3 Management FMLA Slip-Ups
Business Service Management

Marketing and New Product Development
Healthy Organizations from Conflict Management
Frederick Herzberg
Managing Product Lines and Brands
Project Management in the Automotive Industry

Popularity - Page Views Above 3000

Planning - A Management Process
Consumer Behavior
The Future of Knowledge Management
Market Segmentation and Selection of Target Segments

International Management: Culture, Strategy, and Behavior
RFID Jewelry Management
Custody Services and Risk Management
United Nations Results-Based Management System - An analysis
MANAGEMENT OF INNOVATION (MOI): Leading Innovation Strategy and Process in Firms

Popularity - Page Views Above 2000

Management Accounting: Brand Valuation
Managerial Skills
Budget, Budgeting and Budgetary Control
The Importance of Project Closeout and Review in Project Management
Change Management - an introduction

Project Management
The Process of Strategic Change – Product-Market Combination Change
Aligning Employee Values to Organizational Objectives: How Some Management Theories Cannot be Applied in the 21st Cen...
Identity Preservation In The Supply Chain
Marketing Management Article Directory – KVSS Narayana Rao

Impact of Knowledge Management on Individuals and Teams Within an Organization
The Five Relationship Management Attributes Necessary For Successful Leadership
Supply Chain Management
Marketing Channel Management – Important Issues
Forex Hedging

Optimal Span
Project Management Systemic Thinking
Stress Relief Breathing Exercise
Quality Management
Kaizen Costing and Kaizen Cost Management

Popularity - Page Views Above 1000

Sales Force Management
Islamic Finance - Risk Management
Distinguishing evaluation from other processes (e.g. monitoring, performance management, assessment, quality assurance)
Distinguishing Features of Project Management in the 21st Century
Scanning of Environment for Marketing Ideas and Decisions

Teamwork Management
Supply Chain Management, Operations, ICT & E-Commerce of IKEA
Security Risk Management
Conflict Management
Supply Chain Management

Management of Change (MOC) in the Process Industries
Challenges in SAP Project Management
Supply Chain Management: Chopra and Meindl - Book Information and Review
Project Management - 3 Key to Project Success

Earned Value Management (EVM)
Unified Threat Management and Identity-Based Security
Management Information And Control Systems
Four Categories of Expenses
Records Information Management

How to get started in the Project Management Feild
The Brand is the Business is defined by Brand Assets including My Brands.
Risk Management Made Simple
Portals for Workflow and Business Process Management
Handbook of Management Knowledge Revision





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