Friday, March 23, 2012

Information Technology Project Management - Kathy Schwalbe - Book Information and Review

Information Technology Project Management, 4th Edition

Kathy Schwalbe - Augsburg College

678 Pages   

Cengage Learning© 2006

Table of Contents

1. Introduction to Project Management
2. The Project Management and Information Technology Context
3. The Project Management Process Groups: A Case Study
4. Project Integration Management
5. Project Scope Management
6. Project Time Management
7. Project Cost Management
8. Project Quality Management
9. Project Human Resource Management
10. Project Communications Management
11. Project Risk Management
12. Project Procurement Management
A: Guide to Using Microsoft Project 2003
B: Advice for the Project Management Professional Exam (PMP) and Related Certifications
C: Running Cases
D: Templates
E: Fissure Project Management Simulation

The book tries to recreate the experience of dozens of projects, both successful and failed, to provide a real-world context for learning.



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