Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Project Management - Meredith, Mantel - Book Information and Review

Table of contents

Chapter 1: Projects in Contemporary Organizations
Chapter 2: Project Selection
Chapter 3: The Project Manager
Chapter 4: Project Organization
Chapter 5: Project Planning
Chapter 6: Conflict and Negotiation
Chapter 7: Budgeting and Cost Estimation
Chapter 8: Scheduling
Chapter 9: Resource Allocation
Chapter 10: Monitoring and Information Systems
Chapter 11: Project Control
Chapter 12: Project Auditing
Chapter 13: Project Termination

John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Comments on the book

Adequate treatment of project feasibility is not there in book.
There needs to be more clarity regarding executing projects for outside clients by an organization dedicated to doing projects for clients and executing projects for internal users within an organization. The orientation of functional departments will be differnent in these two types of organizations and also funding patterns and related issues can be different.

Revision Articles on the Project Management Topics

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