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Organizational Behavior Revision Article Directory

Article Directory
These articles are written to facilitate revision of organization behavior by management professionals.
These articles are written to facilitate revision of organization behavior by management professionals.
They are primarily based on the text by Fred Luthans. Various editions were used by me.
These articles reflect my understanding of OB as student of industrial engineering & management and as a teacher of number of management subjects. The exposure to Organizational behvaior subject was  further deepened by detailed study of Sociology and study of introductory books on Psychology and  more books of  Organizational behavior. I wrote revision articles in the subjects of psychology and sociology also.
According to my advocacy, industrial engineers have to make special study of Human sciences both body related sciences and behavior related sciences.
Management knols of Narayana Rao are being posted in the blog Management Theory Review to develop the MBA revision handbook

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The academic field of organizational behavior has been around for at least the past thirty to forty years

Cognitive approach emphasizes the positive and freewill aspects of human behavior and uses concepts such as expectancy

Luthans has stated that intelligence has played a major role in psychology but a very minor, almost nonexistent, role in OB.

Emotions have received some attention in organization behavior literature.

Communication is one of important topics of organization behavior. Effective communication is a prerequisite for Management.

Gestalt is a German word meaning “see the whole.” Gestalt practitioners use various methods to help individuals see the whole and focus on present.


The article describes various leadership theories briefly

 Successful Leadership - Effective Leadership

If a leader accomplishes his task it is successful leadership. In the process of successful leadership, the leader maintains or improves morale of his people it is effective leadership.

Leadership style can be changed. But it takes time.

Fiedler, Garcia, and Vecchio have focused attention on the role of intellectual and other cognitive abilities on lea...





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