Saturday, July 14, 2012

2 September - Knowledge History - Science, Engineering and Management


1853 Friedrich Wilhelm Ostwald born 1853: physical chemist; mass action, solutions, conductivity (Ostwald's dilution law); catalysis, particularly catalytic oxidation of ammonia; Nobel Prize, 1909.

1877 Frederick Soddy born 1877: radioactive transformations (with Rutherford); displacement law and isotopes; work on radium emanation (radon) with Ramsay; Nobel Prize, 1921

1866 Frédéric Swarts  born 1866: organic fluorides; Swarts reaction. He was the first to prepare chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs): the first one he made was CFCl3, but he was also first to make CF2Cl2, the first CFC to become commercially important.

1939 - Professor Henry Mintzberg

Scientists warned that junk is space is increasing and chances of collissions are increasing among satellites being sent form Earth. Now there are 16,094 objects (July 2011)

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