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Chester Barnard - Behavioral Theorist of Organization

Chester Barnard - Behavioral Theorist of Organization

Chester Barnard - Behavioral Theorist of Organization


Chester Barnard’s book, The Functions of the Executive was published in 1938(Barnard, 1938).
The remarkable book by Barnard, contains within it the seeds lf three distinct trneds of organizational theory that were to dominate the field. One was the institutional theory represented by Philip Selznick (1957). Another was the decision-making school represented by Herbert Simon and the third was the human relations school now known as organizational behavior.
Barnard himself stated in the preface to his book that, it reflects his wide readings in psychology, sociology, socail psychology, economics, anthropology, law, political theory, and philosophy of science.

Books by Barnard

The Functions of the Executive

The 1968 edition (the 30th anniversary edition) has a useful introduction by K.R. Andrews.

Organization and Management: Selected Papers.
I. "Some Principles and Basic Considerations in Personnel Relations".
II. "Dilemmas of Leadership in the Democratic Process."
III. "Riot of the Unemployed in Trenton."
IV. "The Nature of Leadership".
(This essay is also found in Human Factors in Management and in Leadership: Classical, Contemporary,
and Critical Approaches.)
V. "Concepts of Organization."
(This appeared in an earlier form in the Spring 1940 issue of the Harvard Business Review as "Comments on the Job of the Executive". It is available in the Business Library.)
VI. "On Planning for World Government."
VII. "A Review of Barbara Wootton's Freedom Under Planning".
VIII. " Education for Executives."
IX. "Functions and Pathology of Status Systems in Formal Organizations."

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