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Online/Distance Education MBA - Prospects and Opportunities

Online/Distance Education MBA - Prospects and Opportunities

Online/Distance Education MBA - Prospects and Opportunities

Research studies do indicate that online MBA education and qualification have value.


There have been numerous articles and papers written about the effectiveness of distance education for student learning. This research has consistently shown that regardless of discipline (e.g., library science, social work, physical therapy, management education, etc.), there are no significant differences in the learning outcomes of students enrolled in distance courses as compared to traditional face-to-face classroom settings (Haga and Heitkamp, 2000; Levine, 2001; Mulligan and Geary, 1999; O’Hanlon, 2001; Ponzurick, France, and Logar, 2000; Weigel, 2000; Worley, 2000). Several other authors have found no significant differences in student satisfaction (Arbaugh 2000c; Phillips and Peters, 1999; Baldwin, Bedell and Johnson, 1997) or participation rates (Arbaugh, 2000a; 2000b), for distance courses compared to face-to-face courses (See for references: Mark Kretovics and Jim McCambridge,2002).
In the case of MBA also, research indicates that accredited, distance MBAs are as good -- if not better -- than their campus counterparts.  Two studies in particular have examined distance MBAs in direct comparison to residential programs.
Colorado State University - Distance MBA Study

In 2001, researchers at the  business school did a three way comparison.  They compared CSU distance MBA students to CSU campus MBA students, to CSU executive MBA students.  The comparison occurred along 12 academic competencies.

All three groups took virtually the same curriculum, having the same instructors, with the same AACSB-accredited degree being awarded at conclusion.  Researchers sought to find if delivery method  made any significant difference.

At degree conclusion all three groups reported higher scores on 7 of 12 competencies. 
Mark Kretovics and Jim McCambridge, the study’s authors, concluded that  the results not only support the notion that distance learning is effective, but also provide a hint that  that distance students may, in fact, learn more than the traditional classroom based students.


The Athabasca University Distance MBA Study

 In 2001 Canada’s largest, government-approved, distance university, Athabasca University, http://www.athabascau.ca/calendar/grad/business.html, released the results of a study that compared their non-residential MBA students to campus learners at the highly-regarded University of Western Ontario’s Richard Ivey School of Business.

The Ivey School offered only a residential degree, while Athabasca University’s Centre for Innovative Management (CIM) offered only a distance degree. The CIM MBA degree was converted to interactive Internet delivery mode in 1994.

The study assessed several levels of learning: social, procedural, explanatory, and cognitive.
The results: online learning allows for greater explanatory and cognitive learning, whereas residential study accentuates and improves social and procedural learning.
Athabasca operates Canada’s largest and fastest growing executive MBA program. The university served more than 1,100 MBA students in 2001 – all at-a-distance.
Mark Kretovics and James A. McCambridge, Measuring MBA Student Learning: Does Distance Make a Difference? The International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning, Vol 3, No 2 (2002), October - 2002


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Narayana Rao - 13 May 2011

From http://debashishbramha.blogspot.com

Very interesting topic, Iwant to congratulate you first for picking up this topic.
I want to make some interesting note to this:
1.Management is all about practice,practice makes a man perfect,more you practice more you devlop your skills.
2.Business is caught and not taught,no body taught Ford,Gates about the business they all learnt by hard work.
3.Business and management is mindgame , you can pick up things , if your mind feels like making up his mind.
4.MBA be it Online or distance it's all about the executional excellence not academic excellence.Executional excellence is more important than academic excellence.
5.So long you can apply the knowledge in a properplace with proper mind you are a winner.

With warm Regards,
Debashish Brahma.
Please read My Management Blog:

Debasish Bramha - 30 Dec 2008

Mr. Debashish

Thank you for comment. I liked your fifth point.

So long you can apply the knowledge in a properplace with proper mind you are a winner.
The formal education systems deal with the knowledge acquisition process of individuals. While there are many who acquired knowledge through informal processes since ancient days, formal knowledge acquisition was found to be more effective and efficient since ancient days. While many of us can acquire knowledge in a field which we like or want, whenever we want to, we know the cost involved in the process.

While I agree with many of your statements, I would like add something to those statements. Practice is based on knowledge (If one does something without knowledge it becomes exploration and trial and error). Execution excellence is built on knowledge excellence. Knowledge excellence and academic excellence are synonyms.

Sometimes, an impression is created that academic excellence does not lead to execution excellence. Many times college teachers and university professors are given as examples for this. It is a wrong example. University professors and college teachers are more suited to certain types of activities which are required in their jobs. May be, they as individuals are less suitable for business man jobs. But the fact is that a large majority of people with academic excellence join practical business, administration and political fields and excel there. We do not highlight them. We want to highlight professors for academic excellence and some business people without formal education for business excellence. The comparison is not appropriate according to me.

But once again, your point of view is very important in practice. We should not despair because we lack a formal education in any field. Our passion for an activity will make us Ekalavyas. The persons who can learn without a teacher.

I visited your website and benefitted from its contents. I shall go through the strategic HR reference.

With best regards and best wishes for a cheerful 2009

Narayana Rao - 30 Dec 2008

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