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Services (Service Products) of Training Department

Services (Service Products) of Training Department

Services (Service Products) of Training Department


Training has to help employees do better in their jobs.
The practice of basics of techniques  acquired in the training programs occurs in the job only. A new techniqe can be used by an operator only after the permission of his superior.
Hence there has to be an agreement between operating managers and training officers regarding the concepts and techniques covered in a training program.
To arrive at this agreement training officer has to sit with the operating managers and do the training needs analysis. Based on the accepted training need statement, the training officer has to come out with a training proposal, which is again discussed with the operating manager for his approval.
The approved training program is organized by the department with the involvement of external trainers, internal operating managers and trainers of the training department.
There has to be review of the program with the trianees first and then with operating managers. Then the training department has to review the program for using the learnings in developing and conducting future programs.



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