Monday, July 9, 2012

Stress Management

Stress Management

Stress Management


First Aid for Stress


Crying or yelling, stretching, physical exercise, dancing, listening to music, light reading,  stroking a pet, meditation are all first aids for a stressful situation.


These exercises or activities work as first aids because the brain can’t concentrate on two things at a time.


Controlling conditions that produce stress


Poor eating habits


Nutritionists tell that foods rich in protein energize. Foods rich in complex carbohydrates calm down people.


Take a high protein breakfast and lunch. Take a dinner rich in complex carbohydrates for a more relaxed sleep.


Poor sleeping habits


Poor sleep reduces ability withstand the daily stresses


Physical conditions


Be informed of physical conditions and take required steps to avoid stressful conditions.




Difficult but talk issues with you partners in relationships


Goals in life


Remind to yourself that you are a capable, competent and strong person. You have a plan to achieve your goals and you have a very high chance of achieving your goals.




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