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Cross Cultural Communication and Relations

Cross Cultural Communication and Relations

Cross Cultural Communication and Relations


Cross cultural communication and relations are important in international business as well as scientific and artistic collaboration. For tourists and countries promoting tourism  also,  they are important. 
People involved in developing cross cultural relationships have to make efforts to know the other culture, maintain and demonstrate an attitude that says, "your culture is as 'right' as 'mine' and speak in a manner that emphasizes cooperative partnership.

Knowing a culture

Individual can make small effort know about the other culture through internet. Knol itself may provide you number of articles in due course about various cultures.
Some web pages for different cultures
German culture
French Culture

Atiitude of Respect and Tolerance for Other Cultures

Some people tolerate and adopt to other cultures more easily. They can be selected and given responsibility of international relations by companies and business organizations.
People with curiosity, openness, patience, regard for history, flexibility, friendliness will easily learn about other cultures and interact with the foreign persons in more amicable way.

Communicating with Foreigners in Mutually Understandable Language

In communications with foreigners paying attention is of critical importance. Avoid phrases and idiomatic expressions that are unique to your language when a foreigner is speaking your language. Try to rephrase your sentences to make them clear. It is important to be supportive of people trying to speak  a foreign language, that is your language.
For Further Reference
Using Cross Cultural Communication to Improve Relationships
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